Halloween II

This is Hunt in another vehicle.
The old Myers house 45 Lampkin Ln. - The tribe.

One of their number was butchered, this is a wake.
Heightens my sense of security.
All right. Knock it off!
Come on folks, go home.
Knock it off!!!
Plus we've covered the whole east end of town.
There's nothing.

Check it again.
He just isn't here.
CHECK IT again!
You know.
Haddonfield was a pretty quiet town before tonight.
The only a ...
gunshot you ever heard
were start tracking for the local highschool.
Yet one night in 1963 Michael Myers ...
did murder his sister
in that upstairs bedroom with a large ...

butcher knife.
I remember.
On halloween.
- I was sixteen years old.

It's his anniversary, Mr. Hunt.
He came back.
After fifteen years?
He waited with extraordinary patience,
There was a ...
force inside him biding its time.
The stuff grew accustomed to his immobility and silence.
In many ways he was the ideal patient.
He didn't talked he didn't ...

cry. He didn't even move.
He just waited.
The staff was unprepared they didn't ...
know, what he was.
Did you know?
Yea I knew.
Excuse me.