My Bloody Valentine

Come on. Don't look down.
Keep looking up.

Patty, just do as he says
and you'll be fine. I promise.

I don't want to go any further!
Please, can we stop
and go another way?

There's no other way!
Now move it, damn it!

Axel, you have to go slower.
I'm right behind her.

She keeps stopping.
Go slower, okay?
I'm scared of heights,
you guys.

I'm not going any further.
I'm stopping right here.

Sarah, give her a hand!
It's okay.
I'm right behind you.

I'm right behind you.
Come on.

- Stay close.
- Okay. I'm right behind you.

Good girl.
Keep moving. Good girl.

Come down!
Come down, quick! Down!

Don't look.
Don't look at him.
Come on!

Patty, over here.