I understand.
You know something? I can hit
a seven iron 500 yards in this place.

Fix yourself a drink.
No, thanks.
You've been busy.
So have you.
How much do you want?
How much?
Just what we need here,
a goddamn hero.

You know something?
This rug has a slight break to the left.

Let me tell you what you're
dealing with. I run a franchise.

I'm hired to dig as much ore
as possible out of this hellhole.

There's a guy like me on every
mining operation all over this system.

My hookers are clean,
some good-looking.

My booze isn't watered.
The workers are happy.

When the workers are happy, they dig
more ore. They get more bonus money.

When they dig more ore,
the Company's happy.

When the Company's happy,
I'm happy.

-Sounds wonderful.
-Nothing here is wonderful.

It works. That's enough.
Now every year a new marshal
comes to start his tour.

They all know the score. You know
the score. You're no different.

If this hero routine is to get
your price up, I'll think about it.

What are you after?
What is it with guys like you?
If you were such a goddamn super-cop. . .
. . .what are you doing on
a Company mining operating like Io?

They didn't send you here as a reward
for your sterling service.

You know that and I know that.