My hookers are clean,
some good-looking.

My booze isn't watered.
The workers are happy.

When the workers are happy, they dig
more ore. They get more bonus money.

When they dig more ore,
the Company's happy.

When the Company's happy,
I'm happy.

-Sounds wonderful.
-Nothing here is wonderful.

It works. That's enough.
Now every year a new marshal
comes to start his tour.

They all know the score. You know
the score. You're no different.

If this hero routine is to get
your price up, I'll think about it.

What are you after?
What is it with guys like you?
If you were such a goddamn super-cop. . .
. . .what are you doing on
a Company mining operating like Io?

They didn't send you here as a reward
for your sterling service.

You know that and I know that.
I read your record.
You've got a big mouth.
That's why you're sent
from one toilet to the next.

Me? I don't plan on spending
the rest of my life doing this.

Well, good for you.
Now, look, this charade
of yours is silly.

You meddle, I want you to know
what you're meddling with.

You got something to prove,
prove it to yourself, not to me.

I'll see you around.
If you're looking for money,
you're smarter than you look!

If you're not,
you're a lot dumber.

I'm probably a lot dumber.
That can be very dangerous.