Pennies from Heaven

I said, no!
Why not? Why not, Joan?
You said you wanted to get away early.
That's what you said.

You never want to, do you? Never.
- Fix the coffee, will you, darling?
- Goddamn coffee.

- Arthur.
- Listen, Joan, don't you understand?

I'm going to be away from home
for four days and nights.

- There's no need to swear, is there?
- That's not much of a cuss.

I don't think it's very nice, Arthur,
especially in your own home.

You don't give me a chance.
You gotta give me a chance.

I don't know what you mean, Arthur.
I wouldn't go all that way
without breakfast. You must eat, sweetie.

I like feeling empty.
You know you don't. What funny things
you say in one of your moods.

I'm empty, Joan.
Nothing inside me. Nothing at all.

Oh, what, Arthur? Not even a song?
Not a teeny-weeny little tune?