A fire in downtown Los Angeles
this morning destroyed the Oak Hotel.

Luckily, no injuries.
The damage is estimated at $1.5 million.
Now, here's Tammy Taylor
with her exclusive report from Hollywood.

Night Wind opened in 800 theatres
to unanimously bad reviews...

... and in spite of a mammoth
advertising campaign...

... in the first week,
has grossed less money...

... than any film
in the history of Capitol Studios.

I have it on good authority
that Capitol's president, David Blackman...

... is considering calling in all the prints.
- Can't someone find him?
- I've been on the phone all morning.

What about Sandler?
I told him it was his ass
if Felix wasn't here at 11:00.

- What did the lawyers say?
- lf you cut the film, he can sue.

Then, what's the answer?
Scare the hell out of him,
then give him your ideas.

- Ideas? It's a piece of shit.
- Absolutely.

That's one thing I'm proud of.
I'm a damn good cutter.

- You sure are.
- The best.

I ran the film twice last night.
The cutter agrees
with most of your suggestions.

- But will he say so to Felix?
- I think so.

- He's been with Felix for 15 years.
- He wants to direct.

- That's all I need. Another director.
- Speaking of directors...

What about Culley?
What about Culley, for Christ's sake?
He's shacked up with some 16-year-old girl
and a case of Jack Daniels.

He has a six-picture deal, pay or play.
What does he care?

I had a lengthy conversation
with him last night.

I told him that J.G. was so worried
he was considering selling the studio.

Knowing J.G., that's not so far-fetched.
Evidently, Culley didn't think so either.
- Obviously.
- What do you mean? Where is he?

Right outside.
All right, check on Sandler.
Send Culley in.