Scare the hell out of him,
then give him your ideas.

- Ideas? It's a piece of shit.
- Absolutely.

That's one thing I'm proud of.
I'm a damn good cutter.

- You sure are.
- The best.

I ran the film twice last night.
The cutter agrees
with most of your suggestions.

- But will he say so to Felix?
- I think so.

- He's been with Felix for 15 years.
- He wants to direct.

- That's all I need. Another director.
- Speaking of directors...

What about Culley?
What about Culley, for Christ's sake?
He's shacked up with some 16-year-old girl
and a case of Jack Daniels.

He has a six-picture deal, pay or play.
What does he care?

I had a lengthy conversation
with him last night.

I told him that J.G. was so worried
he was considering selling the studio.

Knowing J.G., that's not so far-fetched.
Evidently, Culley didn't think so either.
- Obviously.
- What do you mean? Where is he?

Right outside.
All right, check on Sandler.
Send Culley in.
- Harry Sandler, this is Dick Benson.
- Gentlemen.

I want to recut Night Wind,
but Felix has an ironclad contract.

That's never stopped you before.
All right, no smart-ass stuff, Culley.
J.G. called six times last night.

If we don't do something quick,
all hell's going to break loose.

It's 10:00 in the morning.
Where could he be having lunch?

I don't think you grasp
the seriousness of this situation.

- All right, hang up.
- He's not home, he's having lunch.

I want you to get Felix to agree
to recut the film.

Tell him you've got some good ideas.
Put out a story
that we're recalling all the prints...

...and Culley is going to make
some drastic changes to the picture.

- I've got to call in to J.G. at 6:00.
- Give him my regards.

Unless you have something that can't wait
till the 3:00 meeting, thank you.