we're in the business
of international security.

We deal in weaponry
and private armories.

We do not trade
in fantasy and pipe dreams.

Let us leave the development
of dolphins and freaks
as weapons of espionage to others.

Now, with all due respect
to Dr. Paul Ruth,
I recommend that we drop
our scanner program immediately, sir.

Dr. Ruth, what's your response?
Mr. Keller, who composed
our audience last night?

We had 25 financial
and political V. I.P. S

from all over north america.
Were these V. I.P. S
carefully screened?

The screening process used
was very sophisticated, yes.

And yet an assassin managed
to infiltrate this group.

And killed 6 of our people.
How did he kill them?
We have reason to believe he...
used scanning techniques.
Then do you suggest, Mr. Keller,
that this highly-skilled assassin- very deadly
who embarrassed us all
in front of the community
we were trying to impress,

was himself a scanner?
We believe so, yes.
That, gentlemen, is my response.
The weapons capability
of these, uh, telepathic...

Is obvious.
If I may, doctor,
your program is based
on a list
of 236 known scanners,

- is it now?
- It is.

Of that number,
Of that number,
how many are now
working with us?

As of last night, none.
Well, then.
We don't even have
a program to drop, do we?

It shouldn't be
very painful for anyone.