How did he kill them?
We have reason to believe he...
used scanning techniques.
Then do you suggest, Mr. Keller,
that this highly-skilled assassin- very deadly
who embarrassed us all
in front of the community
we were trying to impress,

was himself a scanner?
We believe so, yes.
That, gentlemen, is my response.
The weapons capability
of these, uh, telepathic...

Is obvious.
If I may, doctor,
your program is based
on a list
of 236 known scanners,

- is it now?
- It is.

Of that number,
Of that number,
how many are now
working with us?

As of last night, none.
Well, then.
We don't even have
a program to drop, do we?

It shouldn't be
very painful for anyone.

Consec surveillance
has gradually lost contact
with all the names on our list,

and I submit that this...
this is not an accident.

I think we've lost them
to a program

far in advance of ours.
I can't believe it.
I think you might
elaborate, Dr. Ruth.

In my study of the situation
I've come to the conclusion

That there is
a scanner underground

Developed in north america.
It has an organization
that's well-motivated,

and it has a leader.
Now, that's ridiculous, doctor.
You can't get 2 of them
to sit in the same room together
without going berserk.

You're making a very
provocative allegation, Dr. Ruth.

Who controls this group?
If you study the descriptions
in this report,

You will find that you
probably met him last night.

His name is Darryl Revok,
and he was on our list.
This is total fiction.
Mr. Trevellyan, I...

A moment, Mr. Keller.
What do you suggest, doctor?