forcing me...
To what?
To think about her.
The 50 people that were in this room
they appeared to disturb you.

Why was that?
They talked too loud.
They talked, and they talked.
Really? I didn't see
their lips move, did you?

No, it was the other voices.
The ones without lips.
They were drowning me.
I couldn't stop them.
The injection I gave you, the needle.
What happened to the voices?
They stopped.
The drug is called ephemeral.
It's a scan suppressant.
It does nothing
when it's given
to ordinary human being.

When given to a scanner,
it prevents the flow of telepathy.
It stops the voices.
It can help you.
How do you know these things?
It's my profession.
This is Mr. Keller.
Will my car be ready this evening?
Tell us what you did, please, Darryl.
I drilled a hole in my head.
- Where?
- Kind of obvious, isn't it?

Right here.
Why did you do it, Darryl?
Why did you drill the hole?

Too much pressure.
Had to release some pressure.
You wanted to let the pressure out?