How do you know these things?
It's my profession.
This is Mr. Keller.
Will my car be ready this evening?
Tell us what you did, please, Darryl.
I drilled a hole in my head.
- Where?
- Kind of obvious, isn't it?

Right here.
Why did you do it, Darryl?
Why did you drill the hole?

Too much pressure.
Had to release some pressure.
You wanted to let the pressure out?
You wanted to let
something out of your head?

Maybe I'm so smart
I can't contain
the thoughts in my head.

You wanted to let something
out of your head?

There are people in my head.
Not enough room for Darryl.
You mean voices?
No. Whole people.
Arms, legs, hands.
What's that you've put
over the hole?

It's a door.
Put an eye on the door
so they won't know it's a door
and they can't get
back in

'cause this is the eye
you know?

Do you think
that will fool them?

Sure. Sure it will.
- I mean...
- I mean, sure it will, you know?

I mean, is that
the only way to...

What do you know?
You don't know nothing
do you?

What's it like in there
eh, lady?