Well, sir, we were--
we were going
to the bingo parlor...

at the YMCA.
Well, one thing led to another...
and the instructions
got all fouled up there.

- We ended up--
- Shut up.

Okay, sir.
You men are a disgrace.
Maybe a few days
in the stockade...

would help change
your rotten attitude.

But we're supposed to
graduate tomorrow, sir.

That's even better.
Tomorrow you'll be on parade
in front of General Barnicke.

And when he sees
what total fuck-ups you really are...

I will personally recommend...
that your whole platoon...
repeat the entire course
of basic training.

Well, get out.
All right, now this is the second time
we've let you guys off.

Let's not let it happen a third time.
ls that clear?

- Very clear.
- Get back to your barracks, all right?

- Good night.
- Good night.

So, what are you guys gonna do?
We're just gonna check out
General Barnicke's house.

He's still in Washington.
He still owes me money.
Hey, Barney!