I see that you took part in
the Pachitea expedition in 1 886.

Yes, as helmsman.
On the return trip I was the captain.
The captain died.
There were only five survivors.

Paul Resenbrink, you have
captain's authority.

Help me choose the crew.
We need strong, fearless men.
I'm afraid we'll find few good men here.
First of all we need a pilot.
Does anyone have
experience as a pilot?

Scram, you puny runt!
I'm Huerequeque.

Brethren! I am Huerequeque!
I am the best cook in all of
el Amazonas.

I have been on every ship.
And amigo, I'm not stupid.
I know what your plans are.

Huerequeque may tip the bottle
now and then. . .

. . .but up here. . .electric, electrico!
Also, I am the best gunman
on the entire Amazon.

- What do you think of him?
- Upstream and downstream.

- Is he really a good gunman?
- I would have to say, yes.

What was your name? Huere. . .
Huerequeque, you are our cook.
Cheers, then.