Identificazione di una donna

If man didn't exist, would God still exist?
Heh, even with man there are some doubts,
not to mention without him.

That's true. And what was God doing
before creating the world?

Where is your bed?
Find it.
And your briefs, will you not take them off?
No, you have to take them off.
But not right away.

I'm not one who needs to have sex
like it was the daily bread.

It was you who asked me where the bed was.
Listen , why can't we lie here a little without
doing anything? I have some problems.

What problems?
No, not really problems.
That is, I started very late.

Why is that?
For more than two years,
I was at a college in England,

In Wales, close to the ocean.
Atlantic College.

Never heard of it.
Only you noble people know these places.
At the college, besides studying,
I specialized in sea rescues.
- Rescues?
- Yes,

if our canoes capsized,
we had to rescue each other.

In winter, in summer.
Even after meals,
or in agitated sea.

Always waves. Always canoes.
But I had a good time.
It's just that we couldn't have sex.
It was forbidden.