Identificazione di una donna

I'm not one who needs to have sex
like it was the daily bread.

It was you who asked me where the bed was.
Listen , why can't we lie here a little without
doing anything? I have some problems.

What problems?
No, not really problems.
That is, I started very late.

Why is that?
For more than two years,
I was at a college in England,

In Wales, close to the ocean.
Atlantic College.

Never heard of it.
Only you noble people know these places.
At the college, besides studying,
I specialized in sea rescues.
- Rescues?
- Yes,

if our canoes capsized,
we had to rescue each other.

In winter, in summer.
Even after meals,
or in agitated sea.

Always waves. Always canoes.
But I had a good time.
It's just that we couldn't have sex.
It was forbidden.

And so I was forced to wait.
The college is very beautiful, you know.