Identificazione di una donna

Ah, think twice before closing up that story.
Is this why you came back here?
Who was it who said family life is an
interference of the private life?

I can no longer think of myself,
nor at the film I want to make.

How is this film?
I don't know the story yet, that's why
I haven't spoken with you earlier.

I know the main character is a woman.
Excuse me, how do to know it is a
woman if you don't know the plot?

Oh, just a feeling.
A feeling she has female forms,
I don't know how to explain it to you.

- Another love story.
- I haven't said that.

I wonder what the point of a
love story is nowadays...

in this decay, this corruption.
But corruption is really the cement
that keeps our country together.

And the corrupt ones are the first
who want see love stories.

I am searching for a face.
An idea of the character, but instead
she always enters my mind.

And she won't do as a character?
Who, Mavi? Mavi isn't the center
of my film, she is the center of me.

And that's not the exact same thing?
- No.

Searching for a character also means
searching for places, for facts.

Why haven't you found them? Ah...
- You're having a crisis?
- What crisis.

We've argued many times, you and I.
How many theories and discussions have we had,
and had again, during our conversations.

And, while we speak, the world around us changes.