Identificazione di una donna

And the corrupt ones are the first
who want see love stories.

I am searching for a face.
An idea of the character, but instead
she always enters my mind.

And she won't do as a character?
Who, Mavi? Mavi isn't the center
of my film, she is the center of me.

And that's not the exact same thing?
- No.

Searching for a character also means
searching for places, for facts.

Why haven't you found them? Ah...
- You're having a crisis?
- What crisis.

We've argued many times, you and I.
How many theories and discussions have we had,
and had again, during our conversations.

And, while we speak, the world around us changes.
Our discussions age.
They become more and more impenetrable.

Have you ever been in a hangglider?
- No.
- Me neither, but I'm imagining it.

I want... I want that type of
emotion when I'm with a woman.

Instead, it's like it is always necessary
to speak, say something.

Silence makes the atmosphere strained.
I wish I could be silent together with a woman.
In short, I want to have a relationship
with her like I have with nature.

Unless you're crazy...
if you're alone by the sea, or in the woods,
what are you doing? You look in silence.

But, without you hardly noticing, there is
still dialogue. It speaks and answers.

As if another person was present.
The ideal woman for me, is the one
who identifies with this other person.