Identificazione di una donna

- Is that your boyfriend?
- No, just a friend.

- Do you like to swim?
- No.

- What are you doing here then?
- Nothing.

I like that.
When I was a boy, I too took dives.
I even won a medal.
Have you ever been in love?
You never wanted to?
- No.
- Why?

I am not capable of it.
Are you frigid?
- No...
- You're for chastity?

Perhaps that would be be a solution.
You don't have the face of someone in love.
Indeed I don't.
So, what do do you like to do?
I like...
- I like to masturbate.
- Ah yes?

It is better with another person though.
Best of all if it is a woman.

Why is that?
Because a woman does it to please me.
While a man does it more for himself,
to prove he is virile.

With a woman it is all much more soft.
- Do you know Mavi Luppis?
- A little.

She is bigger than me.
- She went to bed with a friend of mine.
- Ah.

Is he young, this friend of yours?
As tall as you, perhaps?
It was an evening, by the sea.
We had just dined,
there was boxing on TV.