Identificazione di una donna

- I like to masturbate.
- Ah yes?

It is better with another person though.
Best of all if it is a woman.

Why is that?
Because a woman does it to please me.
While a man does it more for himself,
to prove he is virile.

With a woman it is all much more soft.
- Do you know Mavi Luppis?
- A little.

She is bigger than me.
- She went to bed with a friend of mine.
- Ah.

Is he young, this friend of yours?
As tall as you, perhaps?
It was an evening, by the sea.
We had just dined,
there was boxing on TV.
The guys all went to see the boxing,
and we were left to ourselves.

We were angry with them,
and so we ended up in bed.

For some anti-masculine activity.
Where is Mavi now, in Rome?
I don't know.
- Bye.
- Bye.

- Wait for me, I'm coming with you.
- All right.

- Am I late?
- You have changed your car.

I have changed my mentality and feelings.
Wait while I park.