Identificazione di una donna

And the pee?
Don't worry.
I am able to hold out for three years.

How come you never came back to see the show?
I didn't come to see the show.
I came to see how they make the rosetta bread.
I've heard them say you're a rotten intellectual.
With whom it is impossible to argue.
I'm not an intellectual, nor am I rotten,
that's insane.

They have both told me, therefore it must be true.
I heard nothing about you.
Ah yes, someone said you you were sexy.
Only that?
Well, they said many other things,
but I don't know about them. I'll inform myself.

With whom do you go to bed nowadays?
- With a boy my age.
- Ah. Your director?

- Do you go to bed with your actresses?
- Rarely.

- I am happy I'm not the director.
- Why?

For two reasons.
The second is, that boy has a
face that makes one think of Heine.

It's as sad as a German who died the day before.
- Who is Heine?
- A German who died two centuries ago.

- And the first?
- Fortune teller.

Down there are horses.
Down there?