Identificazione di una donna

They have both told me, therefore it must be true.
I heard nothing about you.
Ah yes, someone said you you were sexy.
Only that?
Well, they said many other things,
but I don't know about them. I'll inform myself.

With whom do you go to bed nowadays?
- With a boy my age.
- Ah. Your director?

- Do you go to bed with your actresses?
- Rarely.

- I am happy I'm not the director.
- Why?

For two reasons.
The second is, that boy has a
face that makes one think of Heine.

It's as sad as a German who died the day before.
- Who is Heine?
- A German who died two centuries ago.

- And the first?
- Fortune teller.

Down there are horses.
Down there?
That is why I'm out here.
We're there. That house.
That one? Nice isn't it?
I'm sure my acquaintances
are in that castle.

It's nice here.
Have a seat.