Identificazione di una donna

Still here?
I fell asleep.
This is for you.
Page 41.
How did you do it?
- I will explain another time.
- No, please, now.

The name of the florist was on the envelope
of the note attached to the chrysanthemums.

- He thinks I'm stupid.
- And then?

So I went there, and learned the
flowers were ordered by a woman.

Probably a secretary.
- Whose secretary?
- I don't know...

I didn't ask.
I was searching for her, not him.

How did you get to her, then?
This issue of Time was there, in the shop.
Ah, a florist who reads Time.
- Please!
- Perhaps he doesn't read it, but it was there.

Perhaps that secretary had left it there.
Listen, Ida, if you know who it is
but won't tell me, I can't...

You can't what?
It was you who told me to forget about it.
because she didn't mean one dried fig to you.