Identificazione di una donna

How did you do it?
- I will explain another time.
- No, please, now.

The name of the florist was on the envelope
of the note attached to the chrysanthemums.

- He thinks I'm stupid.
- And then?

So I went there, and learned the
flowers were ordered by a woman.

Probably a secretary.
- Whose secretary?
- I don't know...

I didn't ask.
I was searching for her, not him.

How did you get to her, then?
This issue of Time was there, in the shop.
Ah, a florist who reads Time.
- Please!
- Perhaps he doesn't read it, but it was there.

Perhaps that secretary had left it there.
Listen, Ida, if you know who it is
but won't tell me, I can't...

You can't what?
It was you who told me to forget about it.
because she didn't mean one dried fig to you.
Her yes, not him!
Holy Christ,
You cannot spend your life waiting
for the moment of revenge.

- You can't understand.
- Who knows what I can't understand!

I am a person just like you, right?
Only of a different sex.
Tell me the truth, why do you want to know it?
I am in the very same situation...
as when I'm looking for the solution
to the plot of a film, but can't find it.

I have a suspect.
I wanted to know whether you had found him too.

And who's that suspect?
Her father.
You think he is in love with her?