Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss, Die

The gossip you hear
about an actor is always true.

Because they're stupid,
dishonest and vain.

Thanks, Grete.
If I can do you a favor anytime...
Not likely.
Sports are always about the winners,
and I'm interested in the losers.
You wouldn't have Voss' address,
by any chance?

She's one of your losers.
I'm only interested in them
as long as they're losing,

not after they've lost.
Ask her agent.
Karla Petrowitsch, 240533.
- Thanks.

Excuse me.
Could you answer a question?

Why should we, young man?
Don't be mean,Jenny.
He asked very politely.
They are polite nowadays,
that's true.

But that's no reason
to forgive them everything.

Are you looking for someone?
Yes. A Miss Voss.
I was given this address, but --
People sometimes change
their addresses, young man,

without informing those
who might be looking for them.

Perhaps they don't wish to be found.
There are people who try
to make their lives a mystery.