Zuijia Paidang

$500,000.00 U.S.
I have no change.
I have. Here it is.
Don't peep.
Don't forget. Don't take the face,
just the mark.
You derseved it.
It's his daughter.
For entering the beauty contest.
Oh no, my brother.
Here's your picture and your case.
Bye bye.
Stay right here.
Who are you?
Mad Max.
Mad Max?!
Who is he?
Mad Max, who killed my partner Joe.
I don't know him.
You two carry on.

Who are you?
That was an accident.
I wasn't even ready.
Doesn't feel right.
It's alright there are two of us.
Everybody knows this is my territory?
How dare you take my sister
for obscene pictures!

Whose idea was it?
We may stand a chance
if we both admit it.