Zuijia Paidang

Is it a deal?
Fine, no problem.
Whose idea was it?
Our idea.
Who thought of the plan?
We both did.
Who asked my sister to do it?
We both did.
You have guts.
We both do.
Quite something, eh.
We both are!
Now what?
It'll be alright! You confess first.
Now whose idea was it?
Eh, mine, for the moment.
I can't breathe, help.
Do you have a part in it too?
Say yes, quick.
He said to say yes.
Hang on, just a few more seconds.
My turn now.
You have a bigger nose.
It takes me longer.

Here I come.
It feels so good.
Hey, it's my turn now.
Say pretty please.
Pretty please.
Here I come.
Let me come down now.
What's your hurry?
You little bastard.
This is really killing me.
I'll die on you. I'm dead.
You're easy to fool!
You weren't dying?!
After you.
If I didn't say that, you wouldn't
have let me down.

My turn now.
No way. I want a full share of air.
You cheat!
Air is free, how can I cheat?!