Blue Thunder

How did we draw him?
He and his observer were assigned to us.
I didn't realize you were acquainted.

Only too well, I'm afraid.
I'd have had that bastard up on charges
if he hadn't caught some shrapnel.

No. He's totally unsuitable
for our purpose.

I'll call Mr- Holmes tonight.
Don't bother him-
I think we can handle it-

This controls night sun
with a heat-sensitive infrared filter.

Over here is your TV camera
with a 100-to-1 zoom lens-

Could've used this in Nam.
- Could've used something.
- Do you think you can fly it?

You flew it, didn't you?
I'll check you out myself tomorrow.
Be on the pad 12:00 sharp.
12:00 sharp.
Catch you later.
Stand back from there.

Irritating little cocksucker,
isn't he?

Hey, tequila breath-
Hey, my man in the sky-
- How do you like your day shift?
- My bride couldn't be happier, but me?

- What's happening?
- I gotta take a flight check.

- Listen, what do you make of this?
- What it is?

I don't know. I found it
where Diana McNeely was killed-

I think it's got something to do
with that urban violence stuff.

Can you translate this?
It's all in Spanish.

I've got to log in,
but I'll get back to you on it later.

- Keep it under your hat.
- Boss, right under the hat- Look.

I gotta get dressed. I'II see you.
- How you doing?
- Thanks for the hat.

- Jafo, how's it going?
- What is this Jafo shit?

Look up, look down.
Look left, look right.

- Don't worry about it.
- What is Jafo?

Know what Montoya told me?
He told me you looped one
of those things, a helicopter.

You didn't, did you?
He was putting me on, right?