El Sur

your grandfather became a saint
and your father became a demon.
You see how things are in this world?
Just words, and only words.
But... why was my father a prisoner of war?
Well, because that's what the winners in a war
always do.

But you're such a little girl,
who told you all this, at your age?

My mother.
My goodness, couldn't she have
told you nicer things?

Or waited a little. You've got plenty of time
to learn about all that.

thats what I say.
Look, Estrellita, you are just a little girl!
Forget about those things now
and think about your first communion tomorrow.

One of the most beautiful days of your life.
Like if you were getting married.
Thats what the priest said too,
but I dont understand.

Well me neither, but you get to dress in white
just like a bride.

Well when I grow up
I'm never getting married.

And why not?
Because all brides have that stupid look on their faces.
Look at the wedding photos in the stores, you'll see.
Alright, enough chitchat!
Wait, don't turn it off!
What do you want?
Milagros, do you think my dad will come to church tomorrow?
Of course he will
Its just - he never goes.
I know, but don't you worry,
I'll get him in there if I have to push him myself!

Now go on, go to sleep.
Good night, Estrellita.
Good night, Milagros.
(rooster crows)
Mom, these shoes are too tight!