La Chiave

we used to see each other a lot,
inspector, but definitely not last night.
I was a teacher atTasso
High School ten years ago

and Fausta was one of my students.
And they speak badly of students!
To keep a friendship going
with her own teacher for ten years.
It's lovely, don't you agree,

Oliviero's students always had
a great weakness for him.

I expect it's a school desk complex.
How much sugar?

None thank you madam.
If I understand correctly,
- Fausta's accused me of not going on a date?

She probably didn't have time.
We don't believe she died accidentally,
Mr Ruvigny.

It really is Fausta.
- But who could have...
- ...killed her so horribly?

That's what we've got to fnd out.
All we know for now
is she was killed...

with a curved blade,
a sickle perhaps.

Mr Ruvigny...
where were you from 8 till 10,
from 8 till 10 last night?

I was here in the villa,
my wife can confirm it.
I see.
Can anyone else confrm it,
a servant for example?

We have a coloured woman with us.
It was her day off yesterday
and she stayed out last night as well.
- No guests in the villa last night?

I'm talking about the inhabitants
from that amusing asylum
called Mondial CEamping.

You know, madam,
that the most popular
entertainment in town is gossiping.

No, no-one was
here last night.

Fine. Sorry to disturb you,