La Chiave

but I don't think this'll
be the last time.

A crime in these parts
raises a lot of dust.

You don't have any plans
to travel do you Mr Ruvigny?

-Travel? No nothing.
- I thought so

a writer has his world inside him.
Anyway, don't go far from the villa.
Of course, inspector.
-Goodbye, madam.
- Goodbye.

The bookseller probably
overheard our conversation.

That girl tormented me for years
She didn't want to accept
it was fnished.

But thanks, anyway.
You could have given me up
and sent me inside.

I was late last night
because I had a problem,

- I punctured a tyre.
- I didn't ask any Questions.

Right, but you think I could
easily cut a lover's throat.

A bad writer but a
good sadistic murderer.

Who knows if I'll
become one some day,

and it'll be your throat's turn?