Local Hero

'You're with KNOX. Overnight,
Texas south had 1/2 inch of rain!

'Today, an 80% chance of rain
in greater Houston.

'The downtown temperature
is 70 degrees.

'The air is good today,
'pollen level at 200,
and lead level, a low 120.

things are gumming up.

'Downtown is still moving,
'but at exit 49,
there's heavy inbound stuff.

'On southbound nine, we have
a highway patrol advisory

'on a car and truck wreck.
'Hurricane Eleanor has decided
to move off east...

'maybe to avoid all that traffic...
'and the high wind advisory
of last night has been lifted.

'Also lifting is the Dow Jones...
'up five at 800
on last night's New York close.

'More news and numbers
from me, Bob Merry, at 11

'here on KNOX,
the sound of Texas south,

'brought to you today
by Commercial Wall Coverings.

'Now back to work,
and keep moving, Texas!'

'Nature guards
her treasures jealously.

'Just a decade ago, these fields
were beyond our reach.

'We didn't have the technology.
'Today, a Knox engineer will tell you
that he might need a little time,

'but he'll get the oil.
'He knows a little time
is all that we have left.'



Mr Happer. Mr Happer, sir.