Local Hero

'Now back to work,
and keep moving, Texas!'

'Nature guards
her treasures jealously.

'Just a decade ago, these fields
were beyond our reach.

'We didn't have the technology.
'Today, a Knox engineer will tell you
that he might need a little time,

'but he'll get the oil.
'He knows a little time
is all that we have left.'



Mr Happer. Mr Happer, sir.
Today's main business
is the progress of our
acquisition of part of Scotland

for the refinery and storage base.
I've got a few things to show you.
We have a two-year lead
in North Atlantic development.

We can double this by streamlining
the processing end of things onshore.

The pipeline is well on its way
from all three production areas.

- We have a site for the terminal.
- What about the site acquisition?

The survey teams found
the only suitable bay on the coast.

Total investment is 600 million,
over three fiscals.

We've got to buy Ferness Bay
for $60 million.

We're dealing with stable allies
of the US,

not to mention the links historically
between Knox Oil and Scotland.

We're not in a third world situation.
I think we should get
a negotiator on the site.

Do I really have to go there?
I could fix the deals over the phone,
like with Salinas last year?