- Yes, Minister.
- Eyes only, 007.

Operation Trove.
You'll be replacing 009.
He turned up dead in East Germany
with that egg in his hand.

There's not much to go on.
Well, we do have one lead, Minister.
''Property of a Lady.''
Next on the agenda is the continuing
mutual disarmament talks with NATO.

l assume you've all read
General Gogol's report.

lt seems very thorough.
Thank you, Comrade Chairman.
l believe l express the opinion
of everyone present

that adoption of NATO proposals does
not compromise our defensive position.

- Comrade Chairman.
- General Orlov.

General Gogol is presumptuous.
He speaks for himself and others
who cling to timid, outdated
and unrealistic policies.

Must l remind you, the committee,
of our overwhelming superiority
over NATO forces

before we give it away?
ln East Germany
under my direct command,

l have 31 divisions,
including 1 1 tank divisions

and another five in Czechoslovakia.
ln support, on the Russian western
border are 60 divisions,

including 22 tank divisions.
ln all, a 10-1 advantage.
American and West German forces
can field at most ten armoured divisions.

The British maintain only a token force.