Must l remind you, the committee,
of our overwhelming superiority
over NATO forces

before we give it away?
ln East Germany
under my direct command,

l have 31 divisions,
including 1 1 tank divisions

and another five in Czechoslovakia.
ln support, on the Russian western
border are 60 divisions,

including 22 tank divisions.
ln all, a 10-1 advantage.
American and West German forces
can field at most ten armoured divisions.

The British maintain only a token force.
We have played out a variety of attack
strategies on the new Kutuzov computer

and find that a lightning thrust by
ten armoured divisions from the north,

and by five more through Czechoslovakia,
lead to total victory in five days

against any possible defence scenario.
This is absolute madness.
We know where it will end.
NATO will counterattack
with nuclear weapons.

The West is decadent and divided.
lt has no stomach
to risk our atomic reprisals.

Throughout Europe, daily demonstrations
demand unilateral nuclear disarmament.

l see no reason to risk war
to satisfy your personal paranoia
and thirst for conquest.

We must turn our energies
to pressing domestic problems.

- General Gogol, let me remind you...
- Comrades, sit down.