Sans soleil

Even television newscast bears witness to the fact
that the magical function of the eye is at the center of all things.

It's election time:
the winning candidates black out the empty eye of Daruma

the spirit of luck—while losing candidates
—sad but dignified—carry off their one-eyed Daruma.

The images most difficult to figure out are those of Europe.
I watched the pictures of a film
whose soundtrack will be added later.

It took me six months for Poland.
Meanwhile, I have no difficulty with local earthquakes.
But I must say that last night's quake
helped me greatly to grasp a problem.

Poetry is born of insecurity:
wandering Jews, quaking Japanese;

by living on a rug that jesting nature
is ever ready to pull out from under them

they've got into the habit of moving
about in a world of appearances: fragile, fleeting, revocable,

of trains that fly from planet to planet,
of samurai fighting in an immutable past.

That's called 'the impermanence of things.'