Uncommon Valor

He's like a turtle
hiding in his shell.

He hasn't taken off
those sunglasses in six years.

He hasn't taken off
those sunglasses in six years.

I've given up trying
to figure him out.

Maybe you should take him
back to Vietnam.

He doesn't give a damn
about anything here.

It was nice meeting
you, Colonel.

Nice meeting you.
If he did go,
how much
would he be paid?

Nothing in dollars.
I haven't flown a helicopter
in a while.

I'd probably get
somebody killed.

There's unfinished business
over there, MajorJohnson.

Not mine.
Is this the Distinguished
Flying Cross?

How'd you get that?
Ah...pulling a cub pilot
out of Laos.

Must have been
more to it than that.

Not really.
Tell me about it.
I'd like to hear it.

I got him out
after a lot of good people
went down trying.

It was a hell ofa day.
We'd already lost
a good man named Hendricks,

couple of F-4jocks,
even Sandy Low Lead.
Lost a lot of good friends.
How many?
Oh, I don't remember.
It just seemed
like everybody.

You lost 11 men
and 9 aircraft.

You were shot down,
and you went back.

If you know that,
you tell me.

It was my job!
We couldn't let good men
die for nothing!