Uncommon Valor

Not mine.
Is this the Distinguished
Flying Cross?

How'd you get that?
Ah...pulling a cub pilot
out of Laos.

Must have been
more to it than that.

Not really.
Tell me about it.
I'd like to hear it.

I got him out
after a lot of good people
went down trying.

It was a hell ofa day.
We'd already lost
a good man named Hendricks,

couple of F-4jocks,
even Sandy Low Lead.
Lost a lot of good friends.
How many?
Oh, I don't remember.
It just seemed
like everybody.

You lost 11 men
and 9 aircraft.

You were shot down,
and you went back.

If you know that,
you tell me.

It was my job!
We couldn't let good men
die for nothing!

That's why we're
going back now.

Wait! Back up!
Don't lay that guilt on me!
I'm sorry,
but the answer is no.

What do you
want from me?

I run half this hospital.
I'm off to Bermuda
next week

and not off
to some fantasy war.

I cannot save
the goddamn world!

At ease, Major.
[Telephone Rings]
MacGregor Oil.
Mr. MacGregor, please.
Mr. MacGregor's office.
This is Jason Rhodes

Jason, how's it going?
We're on our way.
How many?
Three. One chopper pilot
turned me down.

Is two enough?
I'll do it with one
if I have to.

I can't turn back now.
Is there anything more
I can do?

Just keep the cash coming.