Uncommon Valor

Good evening.
As you were.
Since military courtesy
isn't practical here,

we'll dispense with it.
This is Kevin Scott.
He's well-trained in weapons
and training techniques.

And this is Mr. Ky.
We'll be eating Vietnamese food
from now on.

We don't want
to smell like Americans.

Any questions?
How long were you there?
I wasn't.
Too young.
Is he going with us?
Served in
Fourth Recon Marines.

I was discharged
for striking a radio operator

who fell asleep
at his post.

You're worried that I have
no combat experience.

You're right.
There's no way of proving
I won't fail in combat.

But you can't prove
that I will.

This is gonna be
a whole lot offun
with this one.

Thankyou for coming.
I knew you would come,
'cause you men
have got what it takes.

Molded over a little,
but you still got it.
There's a bond
between you men

as strong as the bond
between my son and me.

Of course, men who faced
death in battle

share the strongest bond.
You men seem to have
a strong sense of loyalty

because you're thought
of as criminals

because of Vietnam.
You know why?