Uncommon Valor

There's no way of proving
I won't fail in combat.

But you can't prove
that I will.

This is gonna be
a whole lot offun
with this one.

Thankyou for coming.
I knew you would come,
'cause you men
have got what it takes.

Molded over a little,
but you still got it.
There's a bond
between you men

as strong as the bond
between my son and me.

Of course, men who faced
death in battle

share the strongest bond.
You men seem to have
a strong sense of loyalty

because you're thought
of as criminals

because of Vietnam.
You know why?
Because you lost.
And in this country,
that's like
going bankrupt.

You're out of business.
They want to forget
about you.

You cost too much
and didn't turn a profit.
That's why they
won't get our buddies.

There's no gain in it.
We know the books
are still in the red.

The politicians know, too.
The same politicians
that never lost a son
in Vietnam.

They say they've
negotiated for 10 years.

the other side's
not buying.

And while the politicians
sit on their asses,

I'm asking you
to lay yours on the line.

Because, gentlemen...
we're the only hope
those P.O.W.s have.