Uncommon Valor

Wilkes lights a match
to move the bodies
offof him.

He'd knifed some
woman and her kid.

Killed them
deader than shit.

Wilkes starts freaking.
We can hear him

but he has to stay
with those corpses

until we dig him out.
You come in low
under his line of sight.

You leap...
taking him down,
placing your hand
over his nose,

pulling his face away.
At the base of his skull,
you insert,
scramble the brains--

Instant rag doll.
Most human problems
can be solved

by a charge
of high explosive.

In today's lesson,
we'll learn to set a series.
Follow me.
The idea is to create
a linked series of disasters.

Figure evasive moves
from each blast,

and plant
your next tomato.

Just as we're
coming up here,

they'd trip
charge number one.

Column splits in two.
Half here, half there.
Over here, number two
will set their ass on fire.

They think they're safe.
They get away!

Boom! Number three
blows their balls off.

Number four!
They come over here.

They find
a two-pound charge.

Number five.
Quick fuse grenade.
Not a big bang,
but it does a good job.

Anybody left will think,
"We've got to make it."

They're coming out
and run into charge six.

Claymore mine.
End of story.