Uncommon Valor

Figure evasive moves
from each blast,

and plant
your next tomato.

Just as we're
coming up here,

they'd trip
charge number one.

Column splits in two.
Half here, half there.
Over here, number two
will set their ass on fire.

They think they're safe.
They get away!

Boom! Number three
blows their balls off.

Number four!
They come over here.

They find
a two-pound charge.

Number five.
Quick fuse grenade.
Not a big bang,
but it does a good job.

Anybody left will think,
"We've got to make it."

They're coming out
and run into charge six.

Claymore mine.
End of story.

Congratulations, Sailor.
You wasted a prisoner.

He's a collaborator.
You all right?
Can't sleep, huh?
Foryears, I couldn't sleep
after Korea.

My nightmares
all had to do

with the Chosin Reservoir.
The ground there
was so frozen

we couldn't bury
our dead.

Piled them on trucks and
lashed them against tanks.

For years, I'd wake up
with those frozen faces
staring at me.

Did it ever go away?