Under Fire

- Hey. Russel. How are you?
- Hey!

- Ah... Welcome to Managua.
- Did you have anything to do with that?

Well. l thought of calling your
photographs ""The Pictures of a Lost War"".

The New York editors loved it.
since they didn"t know where Chad was.

lt kinda legitimised their ignorance.
You got your cover. l got a feature.
A class struggle in three little words.
Nifty. huh?

Nifty. l say.
- l"m Russel Price.
- This is lsela Cruz.

She works at the hotel.
also as a translator.

My pleasure.
You guys have a few
problems down here.

between the ""poets""...
and the government?
Problems? Down here it"s called a war.
lt started in 1930. before you were born...
Excuse me. My Spanish is not good.
What did he say?

He said he considers it an honour
to be able to photograph our war.

- He"s got a real way with words.
- l can tell.

- You"re a hell of a translator.
- l know.

l"m much in demand around here.
Will you excuse me?

- lf you have any questions. just ask.
- Who"s Rafael?

Depends on who you ask.
Rafael. Comandante Rafael.
He is either a Marxist dupe
of Russia and Cuba

or the most popular leader of
a democratic revolution. Take your pick.

Hell of a face.
Would he like to be photographed?

- You would never find him.
- Wanna bet?

You would lose.
He"s never been photographed.