Vivement dimanche!

They've got a prime suspect.
When they went to get him...
Vercel was about to flee.
Julien Vercel.
- Is he arrested?
- No, detained!

Do you feel better?
Yes, thanks to you.
But why does that cop
go on and on
about being younger than I am?

That's to overcome his timidity.
But he's no fool.

I doubt the killer
is a local resident.

What about those phone calls?
Just another maniac.
Listen Clement,
I'm sure my wife
was Massoulier's mistress.

You've got no proof.
I can't believe it.
It's true.
I'm considering a divorce.

No, not now!
It would look bad.
Have you told your wife?
No, she's in Nice.
She's coming back tomorrow.

Then wait.
You may work things out.
The word "divorce" is ugly.
Both the word and the act!
If things reach that stage...
I'd feel wretched...
really wretched.

Here we are.
Thank you for everything.
Come in for a drink.
No, thanks.
My daughter's feverish.
I want to make sure she's okay.

Don't worry.
Calm down and get some sleep.
"You're so kind, father."
"Are you not my own flesh
and blood?"

I'm fed up:
Bertrand keeps on pawing me!

Old Hugo didn't mind
a little incest.

"How can we stage out play...
If she won't meet me half way?"