Vivement dimanche!

I'm just doing my job.
No stray dogs here!
No dogs...
but lots of dead bodies.
You're not fussy, are you?
Working for a killer.
I feel concerned.
I'm worried.
Do you have a picture
of your boss?

Is that all?
Draw it yourself!

Go on, get lost!
Everybody knows
you sleep with him.

You creep!
The coffee's warm.
It's hot, right?
Yes, very.
Is it too hot?
No, it's better when it's hot.
I'll pick it up there.
You listen in.

We'll lift the receiver together.
After the next ring.
Vercel Agency.
So it's true?
I can hardly believe it.

Who is this?
You tramp...
working for a killer.
I didn't know
he'd been indicted.

Don't be a smart ass!
I'm sure you know
where he's hiding.

Why don't you join him, you slut?
You think it's the same woman?