Vivement dimanche!

because I thought it was
an unpremeditated crime of passion.

In reality,
you planned the whole thing

and I find it revolting.
No Barbara, you're right.
You're entitled to the truth.
I'm guilty.
I'm guilty...
just as you said.
But please try to understand me.
You mustn't think I'm a coward.
I'm ready to pay for what I did.
Let's go to the cops.
We'll tell them everything.

You're right, Barbara,
about the man
who wanted her watched.

When we find him,
we'll have the killer.

What's that?
Be careful, Barbara.
What do you want?
I'm just doing my job.
No stray dogs here!
No dogs...
but lots of dead bodies.
You're not fussy, are you?
Working for a killer.
I feel concerned.
I'm worried.
Do you have a picture
of your boss?

Is that all?
Draw it yourself!

Go on, get lost!
Everybody knows
you sleep with him.

You creep!
The coffee's warm.