Vivement dimanche!

The ads say
"a step from the ocean."

Do you want the mountains
or the beach?

You seem a little confused.
Isn't this Mr. Vercel's agency?
Can't I speak to him?
He's away at a convention...
the real estate convention.
You deal in real estate?
Does this look like
a grocery store?

I've got work to do.
Why don't you think things over.
Come back some other time.
Alright, I'll be back.
I'll surely be back.
If all our customers
were like that one...

What a creep!
A telex.
"Report from Lablache to Vercel.
"Marie-Christine Beauty Salon
never existed.

"Mme Vercel
is a heavy better at Nice turf.

"Married Julien Vercel
under false name.

"Real identity: Josiane Kerbel.
"Worked several years as
"so-called "beautician,"
which led to...

"surveillance by Vice Squad.
"Kerbel's murder yesterday
concludes our investigation.

"Signed: Lablache."
Take it to Clement,
but don't tell him I'm here.

Why worry about him?
After all, he's your lawyer.
Give me my raincoat.
Just look!
Can I run around this way?
Now, I'll lock up and remember:
don't answer the phone.