Vivement dimanche!

The summer camp?
I'm sure of it.
He's snooping around.
First, he's there
when they remove the body.

Then, he just happens
to drop in here.

It's not a coincidence.
Stop scratching your ear:
it's annoying.

But it helps me to think.
Dial the number
of the Eden Cinema.

You want to see a movie?
No, I want to speak
to the manager.

Massoulier owned it,
so she may know something.

She might know
whom he spoke to last.

The Eden: Next show at 8:30.
Good morning,
I'd like to speak to the manager.
There is no manager.
Do you know this voice?
I'm not sure.
She's the nut
who makes those phone calls.

To be sure...
I'll call back and keep her talking.
I just want to know...
if "Paths of Glory"
is a love story.

It's a war film
between the French and Germans.
Canons and soldiers.
Are there any women?

The soldiers carry photos
of their wives...

So, it's a love story?
There's love, battles, songs,
emotions and tutti quanti.
Orchestra or balcony?