Come on, let's go!
I'm staying.
That's all there is to it.

I guess you want me
to hitchhike back to Bologna,

seeing as how you're interested
in all the stupidity in the world,

except me.
Take the car.
You're a nut!
A crazy, selfish nut!

Go to hell!
Had a fight, didn't you?
No, it's just that I'm doing
some research about this place.

There, and she doesn't want to.
- You know how women are.
- I know something about them.

I got a mother who's a real terror.
- What are you studying, ruins?
- Ruins.

- This is a motel!
- And a restaurant too.

But when they finish up there,
we'll have to close.

- Are they making it into a hotel?
- You bet.

These Frenchies, over a thousand
rooms, all with color TV.

We got a dozen rooms and
can't rent one for love or money.

- And those guys are putting up
a thousand! - I'll rent one.

If you're into ruins,
this here's the oldest ruin in Spina!

Mirko, fill 'er up
and take a look at the oil.

Benni, there's a stranger here
who's heard a lot about you.

Are you one of those nuts
from up there?

No, I'm doing some research
on what went on here.

I will tell you everything
for a beer.

- Questions? - No, I just wondered
what you knew about that place.

I know what everybody knows.
That it was a holiday camp
up to '56, when they closed it.

- Then? - Nothing until three
years ago, when the nudists came.

The ones who go around
with their cheeks out...

- What happened? - So these
perverts, that's what they are,

are all lying on the beach,
when a dog of theirs dies.