- Are they making it into a hotel?
- You bet.

These Frenchies, over a thousand
rooms, all with color TV.

We got a dozen rooms and
can't rent one for love or money.

- And those guys are putting up
a thousand! - I'll rent one.

If you're into ruins,
this here's the oldest ruin in Spina!

Mirko, fill 'er up
and take a look at the oil.

Benni, there's a stranger here
who's heard a lot about you.

Are you one of those nuts
from up there?

No, I'm doing some research
on what went on here.

I will tell you everything
for a beer.

- Questions? - No, I just wondered
what you knew about that place.

I know what everybody knows.
That it was a holiday camp
up to '56, when they closed it.

- Then? - Nothing until three
years ago, when the nudists came.

The ones who go around
with their cheeks out...

- What happened? - So these
perverts, that's what they are,

are all lying on the beach,
when a dog of theirs dies.

So what do you think they do?
They bury it there.

So they leave.
Every night anybody who went
by there risked his life.

They found old Luisa with her throat
ripped to pieces.

So one morning we go in there
with our shotguns,

me and six or eight others,
and one of those long-hairs tells us
where they buried the mutt.

We dig him up,
he was a good six feet under.

And what else do we find?
He had the pair of garden shears
that belonged to old Luisa

stuck in his neck.
We pulled him out of there.
He'd been dead at least three months
and still wasn't rotting!

So we threw him in garbage dump,
it was all over.

That's why I say those Frenchies
building that hotel are nuts!