the exploitation of the workers
by deception.

To the Ku Klux Klan, Zelig...
a Jew who was able
to transform himself...

into a Negro or lndian,
was a triple threat.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fletcher...
certain that her findings
are correct...

begs for time
with her patient...

to put her theories
into operation.

You recall
the first time you began...

behaving like the people
you were around?

In school,
some very bright people...

asked me if I read "Moby Dick."
I was ashamed to say
I never read it.

And you pretended?
When did the changes
begin happening automatically?

Years ago.
Saint Patrick's Day.
I wandered into a bar.
Wasn't wearing green.
They made remarks.
I turned lrish.
You told them you were lrish?
My hair turned red.
My nose turned up.

Spoke about
the great potato famine...

and the little people.
We do not agree
with Dr. Fletcher's ideas.

We believe those ideas
are pipe dreams.

We believe that any change
in Zelig's condition...

is going to be brought about...
through certain
experimental drugs...

which although risky,
have been known to work wonders.

Zelig is treated
with the experimental drug...

somadril hydrate.
He undergoes
severe mood changes...

and for several days
will not come off the wall.

Then suddenly...
as Dr. Fletcher is beginning
to make some progress...

the question of Zelig's fate
takes a new twist...

as his half sister Ruth
removes him from the hospital.